ENAIP NET is a non-profit consortium and one of the largest networks of VET providers at Italian level, with over 4,000 staff members (of which 1,400 work as employees), 89 training centres and more than 40,000 students - both young people and adults - per year. Established in 2016, the consortium brings together the four regional ENAIP bodies of the regions Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, as well as ENAIP Nazionale.
Its mission is to enhance the growth of local economies through the professional development and active inclusion of all the citizens.
ENAIP NET provides its services through 700 classrooms and 600 laboratories in the following sectors: ICT, Wellness services, Automotive, Sales and Marketing, Arts and graphics, Cultural heritage, Electric, Electronic, Mechatronics, Tourism, Catering and restaurant, Social and Healthcare assistance services, Agriculture and environment.
ENAIP NET is active in:
• VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING (iVET; cVET; lifelong training for companies; apprenticeship);
• EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (tailor-made training; job placement; skills analysis and certification);
• INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT (research and surveys; international cooperation; technical assistance; training programs start up and improvement);
• INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS MANAGEMENT (with expertise in learning/teaching tools and methodology, training needs analysis, research on the validation/certification of non-formal and informal learning, improvement of training quality through mobility and cross-border cooperation).

The European Vocational Training Association – EVTA, is a leading European network in the field of Vocational Education and Training, representing VET providers ans stakeholders across Europe. Established in Belgium in 1998 as an International No-Profit Association (AISBL), EVTA is the result of the cooperation in the framework of the Euroqualification project.
In the last decade, EVTA has evolved into a keyplayer in the field of VET and human capital development, participating in various initiatives and working groups at institutional level, and providing support to its member organisations, ensuring that their needs and expectations are fulfilled.
EVTA focuses on the development of VET within the framework outlined by the European Commission, through:
➥ enhancing of the excellence and the quality of the VET provision.
➥ promoting the cooperation between VET providers and companies.
➥ providing specific expertise and innovative solutions on topics like Twin Transition, Internationalisation, Upskilling and Reskilling, Skills Forecast
➥ capitalising on tools and models developed through transnational cooperation
➥ participating in the European dialogue involving institutions, stakeholders, social partners and training providers.


The Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona is part of the NERDVET project by involving its group of research APRESO (Applied Research in Society and Organizations) and its research centre CARVET (Centre for Action Research in Vocational Education and Training).

APRESO and CARVET aim to promote advanced training courses, seminars, conferences, study days and research publications in the domains of vocational education and training and work and organizational psychology.

Involved people: Francesco Tommasi is a PhD candidate in Human Sciences, the curriculum in Organizational Psychology, University of Verona, Italy. He is involved in the NERDVET project as a researcher, member of the Steering group and the communication team. Andrea Ceschi is senior (Tenure-Track) assistant professor in Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) at the Human Sciences Department of Verona University. He is involved in the NERDVET project as a researcher, member of the Project management team. Riccardo Sartori is an associate professor in Work and Organizational Psychology. He is the scientific supervisor of CARVET. He is involved in the NERDVET project as a researcher, member of the Steering group and the communication team.

INOVINTER is a vocational training center created in 1998 by partnership between the national service for employment and vocational training (IEFP) and trade union CGTP – Intersindical Nacional. Our main goals are the vocational training promotion for human resources development, a perspective that cuts across all economic activities, and to promote social and professional inclusion, especially intended for workers whith a low qualifications level. Defined a strategy of intervention in the field of vocational training, with purpose to respond to regional, sectorial training needs, individual and business, counting for this  with a team of qualified professionals to meet the most diverse requests. As complementary activities to training, we also have a service for guidance and counselling and for the recognition of prior learning, in order to position individuals in VET paths and formal certification achievement.

The American Farm School Post-Secondary Education and Training Association comprises an integral part of the AFS educational system which maintains a strong tradition of international cooperation and holistic training in the broader agricultural sector, all operating on two 1,450 hectare demonstration farms considered “the living laboratory”.
Perrotis College offers complete practical and theoretical knowledge in agriculture, environmental and life sciences, educating leaders for sustainable development worldwide.
The School of Professional Education provides a wide range of programs, using the holistic training approach, to students of all ages through the Vocational High School, programs of continuing professional education, informational campaigns and field visits in Greece and abroad. Lastly, the AFS Private Vocational Training Institute (I.IEK) was founded in 2018.


Vonk is an educational organization for young and adult learners located in the Netherlands. Vonk started in 2022 after Clusius College merged together with ROC Kop van Noord-Holland. Vonk is located in North-Holland and has 12 branches where we offer pre-vocational education, a wide range of vocational education and training courses (VET) and evening courses.

 Vonk offers education to 4000 pre-vocational students in the age of 11 to 17 and VET-courses to 5000 students from 15 years and older.

Our VET courses vary from agribusiness to personal care and from Nautical to Florists. Vonk works closely with the businesses in our region as they are our student’s future employers. Vonk also offers students the opportunity to gain international experience. We have a varied network of international learning companies and VET schools abroad.

Centro San Viator (CSV) is a leading VET centre with a strong social character and a priority objective: helping people with fewer opportunities, threatened by social exclusion. CSV is a centre that is deeply grounded in our local area, a referent in the Automotive sector, with strong bonds with our community and a proactive approach towards collaboration with local, national and international agents. We are members of HETEL (Basque VET technical schools network), FP Empresa (national VET network) and European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVet).
San Viator is also a referent for the Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education (SEPIE) for Erasmus+ projects thanks to a long experience in internationalization of students and teachers.