Target Groups

NERDVET project activities are addressed to teaching staff, students, and policy makers of the VET sector.

In particular, the outcomes that NERDVET aims to achieve are:


  • improving teaching skills in order to engage and motivate students;
  • supporting a successful educational pathway, by providing them with a methodology and learning
  • resources that use critical thinking as a teaching strategy.

This target includes teachers, trainers and more in general all staff involved with different tasks in training activities (e.g. tutors, coordinators, etc.)


  • enhancing their levels of critical thinking and media literacy;
  • strengthening their ability to critically read and interpret data and information;
  • providing them with tools to make informed decisions and act autonomously and responsibly.

iVET students are those who are the least skilled in critical thinking and media literacy, if compared with students attending other education pathways.

AMONG POLICY MAKERS of the educational/vocational training sector at regional, national and European level:

  • providing them with recommendations that can be useful to define and share policy guidelines on the topic
  • consolidating and mainstreaming the Toolkit and the proposed methodology within the current vocational training curricula.

The teaching strategies and tools developed will be specifically “calibrated” for iVET students and will be disseminated outside the partnership too, allowing teachers and trainer from any other EU VET provider to capitalise them.

Finally, the project will also target relevant stakeholders, such as: the students’ families, parents’ associations, youth workers, educational leaders. Raising their awareness about the project topics and results will be crucial to ensure a good exploitation of the project outcomes.