AMI Minds Award for the Promotion of Critical Thinking

This category recognizes good educational practices that help to develop students' critical thinking in a way that allows them to analyze and evaluate the information they consume in order to learn to construct their own opinions, thus encouraging their autonomy and their freedom of thought and expression.
The aim of this category is to recognize those projects that promote critical thinking in children and young people as a tool that enables them to analyze and evaluate the information they consume, to face the challenge of disinformation, to exercise a conscious and participatory citizenship and to advance in the knowledge and information society, facilitating problem solving and decision making.

This category includes those projects which, among others, promote the following objectives among their students:

  • To develop a critical spirit, reflection and the construction of their own opinions.
  • To encouraging the evaluation, analysis and contrast of the information that surrounds them.
  • To work on questioning sources of information and their veracity, in order to facilitate the detection of hoaxes.
  • To encouraging autonomy and freedom of thought and expression.
  • To promote the questioning of one's own beliefs, working on active listening and flexibility to accept, respect and consider different opinions.

Work on how to ask and ask good questions.

Generate debate, cooperative work or other practices or strategies that favour rational, logical and discursive thinking, to argue and listen to different points of view.
Awaken and encourage curiosity for what is new or different.